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Does Surya Henna Brasil hair coloring contain harmful chemical substances?
o. Surya Henna coloring products are free from lead, ammonia, peroxide, heavy metals, parabens, resorcinol and PPD (a synthetic dye). For more information on the dangers of these substances, please go to our webpage.

Can pregnant woman, allergic people or those receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy use Surya Henna hair coloring?
Surya Henna Powder or Cream hair coloring products contain no ingredients that would be harmful to people in these circumstances. Nevertheless, we would not recommend that you use them without first seeking the advice of a doctor. For your safety, you should perform a sensitivity test as directed on the instruction sheet inside the package.

What is the difference between Surya Henna Powder and Cream?
The color in Henna Powder comes from the ingredients of a totally vegetable formula. The powder has to be mixed with water and the honey that comes with the product. On the other hand, Henna Cream comes ready to use and the color results from the action of pigments enriched with the organic extract of 15 herbs and plants used to treat hair.

May I use Surya Henna coloring either before or after a chemical process?
Our hair coloring products are compatible with most chemical processes and may even be used on the same day. However, to assure the desired result, a test should be performed by applying a small amount of the product to a strand of hair following the directions on the instruction sheet inside the package. According to tests performed by the well-reputed Instituto de Bioengenharia da Pele Evic Brasil (Evic Brasil Institute of Skin Bioengineering), Surya Henna Cream may be used after straightening, relaxing and hot brush wich are formulated with Guanidine, Ammonia Thioglycolate or Sodium Hydroxide.