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Our History

Clélia Angelon, Surya Brasil President and Founder

When Surya Brasil emerged in 1995, the first product it launched was Surya Henna Powder formulated with raw materials imported from India. Shortly after, it became the leading company in the henna hair coloring segment, and still ranks first today, a position consolidated in 1997 with the release of Surya Henna Cream, the first hair coloring with organic ingredients. In the same year, the company started exporting to the United States, and kept on boosting exports until the growth in volume made it necessary to open an office in New York in 2001.

In addition to natural cosmetics, the company currently has a portfolio of other natural products designed to promote well-being and developed with constant innovation, sustainability and social responsibility.

The products have earned several certifications from important international agencies such as Ecocert, Vegan, PETA (cruelty-free), Cosmebio and ISO 14001.

New products were launched over time, as Surya Brasil consolidated its operations on the Brazilian and international markets. In 2005, it inaugurated an office in India. From a raw material importer, Surya Brasil has become a henna hair coloring exporter to India. Click here to find out what countries maintain commercial relations with Surya. 

Drawing on its experience in truly natural cosmetics developed with ongoing innovation, sustainability and social responsibility, Surya Brasil evolved naturally toward developing organic cosmetics. In 2007, the Amazônia Preciosa Line, enriched with ingredients from the Amazon forest biodiversity, received Ecocert certification – a French certificate with international credibility.

Today, Surya Brasil continues to be a benchmark for the market in regard to cosmetics that respect both the consumer and the environment. At a moment like this, with growing global concern for planet preservation, organic cosmetics should not be a mere short-lived trend. Following through with its vocation to work in favor of consumer well-being, Surya Brasil is prepared to innovate increasingly so that it can provide a greater variety of cosmetics for a better world.

‘Driven by a pioneering spirit’ is the best way to define the professional career of Clélia Cecília Angelon. Ten years after founding Surya Brasil, Clélia still persists in her commitment to promote the natural cosmetics concept, not as a marketing appeal – an approach used by many Brazilian companies that claim to be natural - but in its essence, by making products with formulas that meet the demands made by both consumers of the natural world, and by the most serious institutions of this segment.

Among the prerequisites to gain entry into this natural world, it is necessary to be essentially connected to a set of values that drives an enterprising initiative to success by taking actions that are guided by ethics and seriousness in one’s intent to transform nature into formulas widely known for promoting personal well-being as well as the planet’s well-being. This has been Clélia’s business mission, a mission that has acquired special meaning from her own personal experiences as a vegetarian and an advocate of the environment.

“One thing leads to another... food, my way of thinking, my yoga and meditation practices, contact with nature… it’s all part of a lifestyle that I wanted to apply at Surya,” says Clélia. And she has been able to achieve her goal, not only by offering ecologically correct cosmetics, but also by putting forth her ideas in all her interviews to the press and in events in Brazil or abroad.